Skarcon offers its clients a selection of products and services that support our partner’s principal activity:

Complete solutions; servers, data stores, workstations, active computer networking equipment, weak-current systems, software development

Complete solutions consist of components that must interact with each other and ensure a functional working environment for the user.

We can provide solutions for small offi ces, business buildings and production buildings. In our solutions we use
the products and solutions of HP, IBM, FUJITSU and CISCO that have been renowned all over the world and have proved its effi ciency in the market for a long time now.

Systems integration; updating and supplementing infrastructures

In systems integration, new components must function alongside older components already in use. Here you will benefit from our team’s extensive knowledge as to which components work with others and which don’t.

As it often happens, there are no simple “out of the box” solutions – and these are the challenges we enjoy the most!

Diagnostics, maintenance, repairs and analysis of equipment

We provide maintenance, repairs and analysis services for Panasonic Toughbook, Xplore computers and Polycom® equipment.