Use of cleverly chosen technology results in tangible income, especially in difficult times.

External terminals corresponding to MIL-STD 810F standard

Panasonic Toughbook workstations, to be used in complicated and extreme environments, have been developed pursuant to the requirements of MIL-STD 810F and have been tested by third parties – independent and certified laboratories – in compliance with the requirements of this standard.

Likewise, proper representation in Estonia of widely used Xplore Tech.’s products is important to us. For external activities we also offer Xplore iX104 C3PLUSS and C4 equipment with all relevant accessories.

Rugged laptops; sale, rent and maintenance

In this field our partner is a manufacturer who dominates over 70% of the world market. Panasonic Computer Products is undoubtedly the leader of the rugged sector – the successful Toughbook product family is proof of this; rivals keep trying to copy its products, resulting in plagiarism that is not in the same league with Toughbook because only Panasonic has managed to avoid outsourcing till this day and can control its entire production line, i.e. the quality of its products. Furthermore... Made in Japan!

From the product range of rugged laptops we offer our client the whole spectrum:

Fully rugged – Equipment that is fully protected from extreme environmental factors.
Semi rugged – Ideal balance between appearance, practical use and physical protection.
Business rugged
– laptops, where components that are most prone to damage – screen, hard disk and keyboard – are protected.

Mobile data collection terminals; sale and maintenance

We recommend you forget all about your PDA and start using equipment that can be integrated with current solutions in the most favourable manner. Panasonic Toughbook U1 is the world’s fi rst rugged UMPC (Ultra-Mobile PC) that has a maximum number of functions, adequate  performance indicators, elementary communications channels and a structure that can withstand the toughest handling and environment.

We would like to introduce to you a device still unique in the world – an electronic assistant in a medical sector
– Mobile Clinical Assistant (MCA) with an Intel® Atom™ processor. Being a leader and guide in the rugged IT sector, CF-H1 is a logical next step in the Panasonic Computer Products’ product family.

Video conferencing solutions; sale, rent and maintenance

For conferencing solutions we use the products of Polycom®. Polycom® is the world market leader, dominating ca 41 % of the entire market. Polycom® offers equipment and solutions for both video and audio conferencing. The equipment enables to transmit videos in Full HD quality with 22 kHz stereo sound, computer images in 1080p resolution to the receiving party. At the same time, several end points can be mutually connected for simultaneous conferences.

Imagine a situation where you can get from Tallinn to New York in only a moment while saving your company thousands of dollars. You will be able to see and hear the other party, sense the people around the table, sense their emotions both visually and acoustically – this is the advantage of a good video conference compared to a regular phone call. An opportunity to use time more effi ciently only enhances the company’s value and provides a competitive advantage.