Skarcon is a partner providing expert IT solutions for your benefit, irrespective of the external environment, distance or time.

Skarcon [read: skaarkoon] was established in 2009 and it brings together technical knowledge, scientific approaches, rational analytical minds and practical experience put to use in real life: in IT solutions that concern us all. We combine practical high-end technology and daily business life, thus contributing to valuable hardware solutions to enhance our partners’ profitability.

Skarcon is a clear message.

The name is a reference to the founders of the company – Sults, Kotkas And Ruusmaa, and CON, the Latin equivalent of which is “to do things together”.

What we value:

We want to be competent and do our best – we do not know everything yet, far from it, but we consider a competent background to be the foundation for all and each day teaches us something new.
We want to do whatever we believe in – we do not want to do things just for the sake of doing them. Instead, we do things that bring the sparkle to our eyes because that’s how the best solutions are born.
We want to rely on each other – trust and respect form the foundation of our work.
We believe that simplicity and clarity have their charms – we would like to fi nd simple, sensible and clearly applicable solutions to complicated problems.
We put our heart and soul into our work – it’s just how we are!

We believe in continuing cooperation and are eagerly awaiting new challenges!

Best Regards,

Jaak Ruusmaa
Member of Skarcon OÜ Management Board